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TOKHIT is the social app where creators, influencers & crypto enthusiasts share experiences, connect with their followers, and win instant rewards for their content creation activity.

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Unleash Your Creativity

An entire universe of powerful new ways for content creators to show the world who they are and what they can do.

Discover TimeMining

Time is money, quite literally. Turn your social activity into a passive income—and get rewarded for the moments you enjoyed exploring the TOKHIT App. The more time you spend in the app, the greater the amount of HITT Tokens you can earn.

Gain Diamond HITT Tokens

Only the best-performing posts deserve to be saved in the TOKHIT App. Diamond HITT Tokens (dHITT) decide which they are. Make sure your content is highly engaging—and you'll earn these swap tokens every time you make a post.

Access & Collect AirHugs

Send Virtual Hugs to your friends, followers, and favorite creators using AirHugs—a collection of adorable characters available only in the TOKHIT App. Win them as a reward for your in-app activity or collect them from other users.

TOKHIT is powered by HITT tokens, a multi-functional crypto coin that can bring you active or passive incomes. Buy HITT Tokens

An Exciting Social Experience

Reach like-minded people with TOKHIT's innovative algorithm. Build a community around the things you're passionate about. Find new ways to monetize your creative skills. All that, in a highly interactive app backed by Blockchain technology.

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Enhance Your Content with the Creative Editor

Snap cool photos & videos directly from the app, then craft outstanding visuals for your posts using TOKHIT's intuitive content editing tool.

Discover Multiple Reward Systems

Find more and more exciting ways to earn rewards, gain & collect digital assets, unlock new app features, and find passive income streams.

Turn Content into NFTs

Turn any piece of content into an NFT in minutes thanks to the powerful NFTization infrastructure that will soon be featured by the TOKHIT App.

Join the social app designed for content creators and their fans alike, where everybody can monetize their creative skills through Blockchain Technology.

Gain Acces to the APP

The Proof of Users

Gain Access to the Innovative Rewarding System Integrated in the TOKHIT App and discover new Investment Opportunities.
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The Roadmap

A short projection of the new features & connected products planned to be developed alongside the TOKHIT App.

TOKHIT's Alpha Launch

The first, limited-access version of the TOKHIT App

The GateArt Launch

A collaborative content sharing platform

The AirHugs Gang NFT

The first NFT collection powered by TOKHIT

The First In-App Game

The first game to be integrated in the TOKHIT App

Kolect Development

The NFT wallet that will be integrated in the TOKHIT App

The TOKHIT MetaLaunch

The official, worldwide launch of the TOKHIT App

A MultiChain Entertainment Ecosystem

An NFT Wallet. A Secure Messaging App. An NFT Marketplace. A Blockchain-Based Shopping Platform. A Metaverse. A Gaming Platform.

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TOKHIT is powered by HITT tokens, a multi-functional crypto coin that can bring you active or passive incomes.

Buy HITT Tokens