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Gala and Success at Cannes
Writen by Andrei Vandy on 09.12.2021
Gala and Success at Cannes
Success for the Romanian developers that bet on blockchain technology! TOKHIT’s and Welthee’s founders, awarded at an exclusive event at Cannes

Innovation got awarded last Friday, July 9th, during the second edition of the I Success Awards, a Forbes event that took place at Cannes. Andrei Ureche, TOKHIT’s founder, and Cristian Voaideș, founder of TOKHIT and Welthee, won the titles of „Best NFT in Social Media” and „Best Investment Fund”.

The two start-ups benefited from this exceptional start thanks to the disruptive vision they bring to the blockchain market. TOKHIT is the first social network in the world based on blockchain and NFT technology that is dedicated to the creative industry, artists, influencers, and various other professionals. Welthee is the only investment platform in the world that allows people to quickly and easily boost their income through risk-free strategies and zero commissions.

“We are honored and grateful for these awards. Of course, we hoped that our ideas will inspire and get national and international recognition, and now we have a strong confirmation that we’re on the right path. We can only move forward by staying just as passionate about our projects and, why not, hoping to see each other again and again at this distinguished event that puts innovation in the limelight. We want to thank all of the organizers for the trust they showed us,” declared Andrei Ureche, TOKHIT’s founder. 

TOKHIT’s and Welthee’s founders received a standing ovation in an exclusive environment attended by successful businessmen from all over the world, leaders in their fields. 

“After 9 years of Romania-based events, this year we went international, with the open goal of making this gala a trademark event on a global scale. We not only wish but also succeed to bring forward and award successful entrepreneurs from all over the world for their business innovations. We want to provide them with a unique experience in an exclusive networking environment,” declared Oana Irimia and Flavia Covaciu, founders of the I Success brand. 

TOKHIT is a project that revolutionizes and innovates by being the first social network that allows the creation of native NFTs in a very fast and creative way, at a very low cost, in an ad-free environment. The project, initially valued at 3 million euros, was received with openness and curiosity by the market, with thousands of people signing up to be the first to use it. The platform is dedicated to the creative industry, artists, influencers, and various other professionals.

The Welthee platform was successfully launched in Switzerland in 2020, and, starting this year, it is also accessible in Romania. The platform provides investors with the opportunity to choose the level of risk they want, with zero commissions and a minimum investment of $50. Trading on Welthee involves multiple simultaneous investments, with a minimum of 5. 

I Success Awards was organized together with Forbes France, SuperFilm Studios and Fashion TV Global. The event puts the spotlight on innovation-focused entrepreneurs, international celebrities that became a role model for an entire generation, as well as Romanian artists and influencers with millions of followers. The event awarded notable businessmen from the United Arab Emirates, Russia, France, England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Romania. 

The full list of winners can be seen at: www.isuccess.ro
The next edition of I Success Awards will be held this fall, in Dubai. 
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