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Dubai Event
Writen by Andrei Vandy on 09.12.2021
Dubai Event
TOKHIT and Welthee, Two New, Innovative, Blockchain-Based Startups, Are Gathering Content Creators and Crypto Investors for an Exclusive Business Networking Event in Dubai, the Capital of Creativity and Disruptive Business Ideas! 

The future of content creation and financial freedom will be discussed and celebrated in an exclusive event that will take placein Dubai on September 21st, at the initiative of TOKHIT, a unique social network in the world based on blockchain and NFT technology, and Welthee, an investment platform with zero commissions and complex risk assessment first launched in Switzerland. 

The exclusive event marks the private sale success of TOKHIT and the premiere presentation of WEENVEST, a real estate investment fund based on Weltheetechnology, which comes to decentralize real estate investments as we know them. 

"We are ready to unravel more information about TOKHIT, the social network that will empower content creators. This event in Dubai is our way of celebrating the massive interest shown in our project, having so many people from all continents subscribed for an invitation to join the network," stated Andrei Ureche, TOKHIT’s founder. 

400 people will attend the event that will happen at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and have the privilege of being the first to enjoy the benefits of WEENVEST, the innovative platform. Among them will be hundreds of influencers with millions of followers, who will share the news regarding the new content creation paradigm and the benefits of decentralized investments. At the same time, more than 50 business angels and investors who believe in the power of blockchain will get together for the first time to find out more about these new startups that the whole world is watching at the moment. 

Other people interested in joining this event can apply at [email protected]

"We are at the beginning of a new financial era and Welthee is a leader in this field. The platform has been enthusiastically received in Europe, and we are ready to launch it in Dubai as well, where a significant business community awaits us. We aim to offer financial freedom and full control over the finances of all those who understand and want to enjoy the benefits of decentralized infrastructure," stated Cristian Voaideș, the founder of Welthee and WEENVEST. 

TOKHIT is a project that revolutionizes and innovates by being the first social network that allows the creation of native NFTs in a very fast and creative way, at a very low cost, in an ad-free environment. The project, initially valued at 3 million euros, was received with openness and curiosity by the market, with thousands of people signing up to be the first to use it. The platform is dedicated to the creative industry, artists, influencers, and various other professionals.

About Welthee 
The Welthee platform was successfully launched in Switzerland in 2020, and, starting this year, it is also accessible in Romania. It provides investors with the opportunity to choose the level of risk they want, with zero commissions and a minimum investment of $50. Trading on Welthee involves multiple simultaneous investments, with a minimum of 5. 
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