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Our Public Sale Has Begun
Writen by Teodora D. on 02.02.2022
Our Public Sale Has Begun

TOKHIT is proud to announce the launch of its Public Sale offering. Following the success of the Private Sale, we are now ready to make our HITT Tokens available for anybody who’s looking to invest in our disruptive social network. 

Our Public Sale has officially started on February 1st, 2022, at 12 AM (EET). We have released a total of 55,000,000 HITT Tokens, with the starting price of $0.10/ HITT Token. Every individual is free to choose how many tokens they want to buy. 

“This Public Sale marks the next stage of our project’s development. We’ll soon launch the Alpha version of our revolutionary social game, and this sale phase gives early adopters a chance to stay one step ahead of everyone else. The tokens are an integral part of our app; they will be used to reward our creators and provide incentives to our community, but they have many other functionalities,” revealed Andrei Ureche (Vandy), TOKHIT’s founder and CEO.

The HITT Tokens available through our Public Sale will be released through 10 controlled sales phases:

Phase I: 10,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.10/ token

Phase II: 5,000,.000 HITT Tokens, at $0.20/ token

Phase III: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.30/ token

Phase IV: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.40/ token

Phase V: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.50/ token

Phase VI: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.60/ token

Phase VII: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.70/ token

Phase VIII: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.80/ token

Phase IX: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $0.90/ token

Phase X: 5,000,000 HITT Tokens, at $1 / token

Our HITT Tokens can be bought for Store of Value, but they have multiple uses within the app. Community members can mint new NFTs, as well as buy, sell, or trade previously created NFTs through these tokens. Unlocking membership levels, accessing valuable collectibles, or joining subscription programs will also depend on HITT Tokens.

We saved the best for last: token owners might get governance rights. They will have the ability to propose new features, decide on app changes, or be involved in voting processes. Their voting power will be determined by the number of tokens staked in the governance contract, along with the duration for which they are staked.

The Alpha version of our brand-new social network will be launched in the immediate future. Access to our platform will be based on invitations, but we will release a limited number of invitations every day for the general public. Join the waitlist right away for a chance to win a TOKHIT invitation and become one of the first members of our disruptive community!

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