Presenting the Proof of Users

Discover a complex range of programs designed to reward any user who supports the TOKHIT project and helps it grow. You'll unearth multiple ways to monetize your activity, earn unique rewards, and find new income streams.



The Staking Program

Craving passive incomes? Lock your HITT tokens in this staking program, and you'll access TOKHIT's Reward Pool. The bigger the number of HITT Tokens invested in this Staking Program, the larger the percentage of HITT Tokens you'll attract from the Reward Pool.

How It Works

  • 1. Lock your HITT Tokens in the Staking Program
  • 2. Choose the Desired Period & Grow Your Staking Portfolio
  • 3. Multiply your HITT Tokens like crazy in the First Year, through a generous Annual Percentage Yield (APY)


The Rewards Program

Looking to monetize your activity? Earn attractive crypto rewards and exclusive perks every time you use the TOKHIT app. Creating content, supporting the artists you love, and engaging with other users can all pay off.

How It Works

  • 1. Win different Rewards by Performing in TOKHIT App
  • 2. Earn Invitations or AirHugs that you can Share with your Friends or Fans
  • 3. QUALIFY for WINNING a ULTRA RARE AirHug NFT for all of 100 pcs


The AirHugs Gang NFT Staking Program

The BondingHugs program is a staking program designed to encourage AirHugs Gang NFT holders to draw rewards from TOKHIT's Reward Pool. The higher the number of NFT Holders who connect (or bond) their AirHug NFTs, the higher the reward percentages generated.

How It Works

  • 1. Unlock the POPHIT Game by Staking HITT Tokens
  • 2. Create Content and Generate Diamond HITTs Swap Tokens
  • 3. Collect & Stake Diamond HITTs that can become $

The Proof of Users

Access Innovative Rewording Systems and Investment Opportunities inside TOKHIT App with The Power of PROOF OF USERS CONCEPT.

The Roadmap

The Next 3/4 Months Projection for TOKHIT Development and Ecosystem Building


The first, limited-access version of the TOKHIT App

The GateArt Launch

A collaborative content sharing platform

The AirHugs Gang NFT

The first NFT collection powered by TOKHIT

First in App TOKHIT Game

The first game to be integrated in the TOKHIT App

Delevoping Kolect

The NFT wallet that will be integrated in the TOKHIT App

TOKHIT MetaLaunch

The official, worldwide launch of the TOKHIT App

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Join our community to stay updated on the project's progress and learn more about new features, campaigns, offers or product launches.

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A MultiChain Entertainment Ecosystem

An NFT Wallet. A Secure Messaging App. An NFT Marketplace. A Blockchain-Based Shopping Platform. A Metaverse. A Gaming Platform.


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