TOKHIT'S Economy: The HITT Tokens

TOKHIT's economy is based on HITT Tokens (HITT). They are a key feature of the TOKHIT ecosystem, laying the foundation for all present and future products built under the TOKHIT umbrella. They hold multiple utilities—from unlocking exclusive features and programs to rewarding those who support the TOKHIT project.

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  • Seed Sale Phase 169.166.667 HITT 7.36%
  • Private Sale Phase 50.496.032 HITT 2.20%
  • Public Sale Phase 55.000.000 HITT 2.39%
  • Marketing, Publisher, Influencers 345.000.000 HITT 15.00%
  • Team, Advisors, Development 230.000.000 HITT 10.00%
  • Liquidity 230.000.000 HITT 10.00%
  • Staking & Rewards HITT 50.00%
  • Treasury 70.380.000 HITT 3.06%
  • TOTAL 2.300.000.000 HITT 100%
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Seed & Public Sale Phase Sold Out

First Public Sale Phase Sold Out

Second Public Sale Phase Finished

  • 45,000,000 HITT Tokens
  • Price per HITT token: $0.30

10% of the sold tokens will be available immediately, while the rest of 90% will be made available over the course of 18 months, with quarterly payments. The team's, advisor's, and founder's tokens are locked with a one-year cliff, then vested for one more year with quarterly payments.


The Proof of Users

Gain Access to the Innovative Rewarding System Integrated in the TOKHIT App and discover new Investment Opportunities.
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The Roadmap

A short projection of the new features & connected products planned to be developed alongside the TOKHIT App.

TOKHIT's Alpha Launch

The first, limited-access version of the TOKHIT App

The GateArt Launch

A collaborative content sharing platform

The AirHugs Gang NFT

The first NFT collection powered by TOKHIT

The First In-App Game

The first game to be integrated in the TOKHIT App

Kolect Development

The NFT wallet that will be integrated in the TOKHIT App

The TOKHIT MetaLaunch

The official, worldwide launch of the TOKHIT App

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A MultiChain Entertainment Ecosystem

An NFT Wallet. A Secure Messaging App. An NFT Marketplace. A Blockchain-Based Shopping Platform. A Metaverse. A Gaming Platform.

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TOKHIT is powered by HITT tokens, a multi-functional crypto coin that can bring you active or passive incomes.

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